Prayers That Keep It Real for: People Who Have Second Offenses

Prayers That Keep It Real for: People Who Have Second Offenses


REAL TALK: If you sit and think about it, there are people that you don’t like or have issues with because one of your friends has issues with them. The person didn’t do a thing to you but yet you are carrying a second offense. You only heard one side of the story. What’s wrong with that picture?


God I was thinking about this one particular person in my life. They are not what I would consider a close friend of mine, but I do consider them to be a friend. I realized that I have had issues with this person because one of my other friends has an issue with him/her. I felt like if I didn’t treat her/him differently then there would be tension with me and my other friend. All of this is just too stupid and complicated. Lame and immature is what it is.


Okay, let me get this right. I am holding something in my heart against this person that I barely even know because of something my other friend said about him/her? I totally judged them based on someone else’s opinion. I am embarrassed that is so weak. I would not want anyone doing me that way. I could throw up just thinking about it.  So, I can only imagine how she/he feels every time they see me. I know they can feel the tension when they see me and my other friend.


Why am I mad? What is that all about? It’s time to let it go! I can’t take it anymore. What a miserable time this has been for me. All I had to do was be the bigger person, but instead I have been the weaker one. Well, I am not going to sit here and waste any more time on being offended with someone I shouldn’t be offended by. So, I am going to talk to my friend and then I am going to talk to him/her that I have the second offense with and I am getting this right tonight. I have got to be able to get a good night sleep and just let it go.


Thanks for listening God,




Lyric Daniel said...

Wow.. you hit this one on point. I can't recall of anyone off had that I currently have something against for no reason but i do agree that if my BFF tells me he/she does not like someone , I do act differently and it's not right.

Again I love your prayers. I would love to read one on how to accept you family for being selfish and uncaring as they have chosen a drug addiction over family life.
Just venting.

Thanks Kim, Love Elleword

Xhale said...

Prayers the keep it real....I understand....once upon a time I was the same way as well. But as you grow you understand. My growth didn't come till I was the one being hated over something some1 else said. It hurts at first. But when it's all said and done....I/her/him as nothing to lose but everything to gain.

I'm glad you're leaving your weakness behind.

KreativeMix said...

Prayer definitely heals :-)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi KimPossible,
Nice to read that you realize the error of keeping the offense of other people against your friend in your heart. We can't be mad at someone just because our best friend is mad at him. That's juvenile antagonism. Anyway, may I greet you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to you and your loved ones. May you all enjoy the best of the holiday season.
God bless and have a warm and peaceful day at the US.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

well said

HeiressChild said...

this is so true Kim, and as we mature, as you mentioned, we learn to do things differently. i thank God for growth.

KimPossible said...

@Lyric Daniel: I am glad you liked this one Elleword. I granted your wish. Not sure if the poem I posted this AM is what you are talking about. But, I wrote this prayer a few months ago. Let me know what you think. Thanks for always dropping by.

@Xhale: The prayers that I write are not about me. I glean from some of my life scenarios. But for the most part they are all about some of my friends and situations I see on TV or on the news. But thanks for your comments.

@Kreativemix: Prayer does heal! I love it! Thank you for dropping by. Keep in touch.

@Mel Avila Alarilla: I always love your comments. This prayer wasn't about me though. :) When I write the prayers, I sometimes put, "LOVE ME" because I want to personalize it for my readers. Have a good day Mel.

@Torrance Stephens:I am glad you liked it!

@HeiressChild: YES! Me too. Because when you think about it. That is so unfair to the other person and those actions are very elementary. But, we live and we learn. My grandmother used to say, "It's simple: Treat others who you want to be treated." I try my best to live by that everyday.


Mizrepresent said...

i know, it is not a easy thing to do...to confront conflict...i often find myself running away from it...i have lost some good friends because i would not choose one over the other...i couldn't i loved them both...why should i...i loved them both...now i question day in and day out why they would ask this of me.