8 Weird Things About KimPossible

8 Weird Things About KimPossible

I was tagged by my blogmate 30+. I love it! So, here you go 30+.  Thanks for the tag. :)

One: I take people watching to another level. I absolutely love it. It is some sort of soothing exercise for me. I enjoy watching people and figuring out what their lives are about behind their smiles, the way they are dressed and the way they carry themselves. I will have full-blown conversations with myself in my head if I am alone at the mall, restaurant, gas station, etc. I look at people and say “hmm, she looks depressed, they just got into an argument, their marriage isn’t working, etc. I guess that is why I am pursuing degree(s) in Psychology huh?

Two: I hate to hear someone biting his or her fingernails. It annoys me to no end. My husband and my brother both bite their fingernails. And then they spit the fingernail out. That is gross and rude. Is there something else constructive you could be doing besides biting your fingernails? Dang! Stop it!

Three: I have a shoe and purse fetish. It is pretty bad. They make the outfit! You have a hot pair of shoes and nice bag and it is ON! If I am walking in the grocery store, the mall, a restaurant, etc. I will stop a man or woman and proceed to tell them the maker of their shoes and purse. It is an addiction in which I am seeking help.

Four: This is definitely a weird one, but you asked for it and here you have it. LOL! KimPossible does not like anything that looks weird. I freak out. For example, a friend of mine had a rash and it was very gross looking. She wanted me to look at it and I couldn’t do it!  You know how when you go the doctor’s office they have this palette with bumps on it to show you the difference between measles and chicken pox? Stuff like that really freaks me out for some reason. I know, weird right? Gotta love me.

Five: I do not like to use public restrooms for several reasons it freaks me the heck out. The germs and the nasty stalls get under my skin. I have a very weak stomach. I will hold my urine until Jesus comes back. I know that is not good right? But, if I smell someone else’s poop or see it as I search which stall is best for me to sit,  I will DEF throw up. No lie, no exaggeration that is what I do. So, I avoid public restrooms at all cost.

Six: I have to go to sleep to noise. I go to sleep with the TV on low because for some reason it helps me to get off to sleep. I look at it like a book. Someone telling me a story and I tend to fall asleep. You wanted weird things, so here you have it. LOL! I have to wind down before I go to bed. I am one of those people who can’t just fall to sleep until I have downloaded from my day. I have tried to just sit there and process through my day but it never works. So, TV at night before I go to bed has become my pacifier. Lawd help me! LOL!

Seven: I love to walk around Target. I used to like to walk around Wal-Mart when I worked the night shift at HP because nothing else was open at my 12:00am lunch hour. Now, I have moved to Target. I love to walk through target. I literally go from department to department. I observe what’s on each aisle. It is so bad that one time my best friend and I walked into target and it was light outside. We went in the book section and started reading that Video Vixen book. We sat on the floor and read the entire book in the store?Needless to say it was dark when we left. What in the world? We obviously had nothing else to do that day. I think it is therapeutic for me. It is the one time I am not in a rush and I can enjoy the moment.

Eight: I love dating myself. I am married and my hubby takes me on dates all of the time. But, I like to date myself because I think this is very important in my life. It is my time to reconnect with me. I get dressed up like I am going out on a date. I go to any place of my choice i.e. movie, mall, concerts, gym, etc. I take pen and paper. Once a month I go to a hotel just me, myself and I. I sleep, eat, pray, workout, and it is a beautiful thing. I think it is so necessary to replenish yourself. I have adopted this habit for some years now and it works for me. It helps me to be refreshed for God, my husband, and my friends and family.

There you have it! LOL!  Am I weird or what? Okay, I tag the following people: MegaRich, SummerBreeze, AmenaBee, BK, The Walking Man, Fantasy Queen, Shelly P, Pia, Kawana Oliver and Ugo Daniels. Get ta writing! LOL! 


Mega Rich said...

I like that last one. And what's up with you and Target?

KimPossible said...

LOL! I know it right. I think Target is my other man.

Ugo Daniels said...

Now, talk about being weird. I totally resent people staring at me for too long. It makes me so self conscious, i may stop following that rouet to whereva if it becomes a habit for the 'starrer'

I can totally feel you on the self-dating thingy. I can remember indulgin in such a couple of times, not voluntarily though cos the partner refused to show up..LOL!

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

I love the way U love to date yourself...it is like learning to love & apre8 yourself first, so others can do likewise...
Anyways, I have to thank u for stoppin' by my blog while I was A.W.O.L.
I do hope I have more time to visit more blogs and blog...
Take care

diary of a G said...

I kid I kid

but from reading this I got the impression that you have or try to have a well balanced life
you seem to do things logically...
for the betterment of you and the people around you

fantasy queen said...

oh kim...u just have to be a weirdo yeah? was expecting the last one to be about u having super powers, u know like the tv kimpossible or better still, saying u believe u really are disney's kimpossible...lol'

okay, i totally love the self date thingy, i do like all the time,i just love to rock my world...

i know a lot of people including urs faithfully who are shoe freaks, but stopping people n identifing the stuff, now thats weird.

u tagged me a lil' late buddy, i've got a weird stuff post on mine...

30+ said...

Lol at number 2, and you now have two close people doing the act. God is teaching you endurance.
Of course I am with you on number 1.
I so like number 8, it's been a long time I did that.

Anonymous said...

hi kim. thanks for thinking of me. thanks for praying too. you don't have any idea how much that means to us. btw, i did this weird things meme early this year. here's the link: http://myblog2002.blogspot.com/2007/01/ive-been-tagged.html

kim, thanks again. (((HUGS)))

Simi Speaks said...

Really nice post... #8 is on another level o! Am not there yet.. I sooooo need company all the time! lol

Icey said...

High 5 on public bathrooms! I HATE using publis bathrooms. The smell they are not cleaned often and they are just generally gross!

Your list does not seem weird at all..well not all of it! lol

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Good List Gurl, I'll put together mines ;-)

HeiressChild said...

hi KimPossible, i love learning new things about people. i have to wind down also before i go to sleep. the unfortunate thing about that is when i go out and it's late when i come home, it's even later when i finally do wind down. fun post.

KimPossible said...

@Ugo Daniels: I KNEW you were going to say that I needed to stop staring because of your recent post. LOL! Yes, I love the self-dating thingy.

@Miss Iyabo Opeke: Yes, it has to start from within first. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Keep coming by.

@Diary of a G: LOL! I am pretty weird huh? Yes, I do try to live a balanced life. I really do. I think that is so important.

@Fantasy Queen: Hola Chica! You know it boo. A classic weirdo. LOL! A friend of mine actually gave me the name KimPossible. It was a pretty kewl show. Man, my tag was too late huh? I'll get you on something else.

@30+: Yes, number 8 is DEF my favorite. I knew you would LOVE number one as we both like to people watch.

@Pia: You are so welcome. I am glad you stopped by. I tagged you too late huh?

@SimiSpeaks: I am glad you dropped by. Yes, #8 DEF takes discipline. But once you get in the routine of it, it's a piece of cake.

@Icey: I am glad that I am not a weirdo in your book. Ahem...did I hear a but? LOL!

@Kawana Oliver: Where is that list girly?

@Heiresschild: You know, I have that SAME problem. We will have to give each other some additional tips on how to wind down. I always love your comments. Keep dropping by.


summer breeze said...

hey kim,

I just did 7 weird/random things a few weeks ago. So i'll link to your post and add one more... once i think of one more. LOL


KimPossible said...

@Summer Breeze: Okay, sounds great. I should have known you had already done one of those.